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Tom Petty Tour 2019

Tom Petty Tour 2017

The latest series of 2019 Tom Petty tour performances are being hailed as triumphant and incredible. Tom Petty has been on the road, relentlessly touring in support of new material from the latest album. The excitement surrounding the concert series should come as no surprise given the millions of Tom Petty fans.

Get ready for the upcoming world tour that is going to be going all over North America next year. If you are looking for tickets to the Tom Petty tour 2019 then you have come to the right place. We have seats available for every single one of their currently scheduled dates. You can see that underneath there is a listing of every single concert that he will be performing. You can find a show that's nearby your area and go ahead and pick up some tickets right now before all the seats are gone.


Tom Petty Tickets 2019

Free Fallin' - A Tribute To Tom Petty at Le Musique Room on 04-26
/ Saint Michael
Apr 26 // 8:00 PM
Saint Michael Tom Petty Tickets
Petty Theft (Tom Petty Tribute) at Legacy Hall on 04-26
/ Plano
Apr 26 // 9:00 PM
Plano Tom Petty Tickets
The Big Jangle (Tom Petty Tribute) + DJ Darker Daze at Retro Junkie on 05-04
/ Walnut Creek
May 04 // 8:00 PM
Walnut Creek Tom Petty Tickets
Damn The Torpedoes (Tom Petty Tribute) at Chameleon Club on 05-11
/ Lancaster
May 11 // 8:00 PM
Lancaster Tom Petty Tickets
Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty Tribute at City Winery - New York on 05-16
/ New York
May 16 // 8:00 PM
New York Tom Petty Tickets
So Petty - Tom Petty Tribute at The Canyon Santa Clarita on 05-19
/ Santa Clarita
May 19 // 9:00 PM
Santa Clarita Tom Petty Tickets
Rebels: A Tom Petty Tribute - Live in the Vault at Greasy Luck on 05-24
/ New Bedford
May 24 // 8:30 PM
New Bedford Tom Petty Tickets
Southern Accents - Tom Petty Tribute at MB FINANCIAL PARK on 05-31
/ Rosemont
May 31 // 8:00 PM
Rosemont Tom Petty Tickets
The Damn Torpedoes- a tribute to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at Scout Bar on 06-01
/ Houston
Jun 01 // 9:00 PM
Houston Tom Petty Tickets
The Rock and Roll Playhouse with The Music of Tom Petty for Kids at Brooklyn Bowl on 06-02
/ Brooklyn
Jun 02 // 12:30 PM
Brooklyn Tom Petty Tickets
The PettyBreakers - A Tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Candelight Pavilion Dinner Theater on 06-05
/ Claremont
Jun 05 // 7:30 PM
Claremont Tom Petty Tickets
Southern Accents - Tom Petty Tribute at The Vogue on 06-15
/ Indianapolis
Jun 15 // 10:00 PM
Indianapolis Tom Petty Tickets
Southern Accents - Tom Petty Tribute at Bogarts on 06-21
/ Cincinnati
Jun 21 // 8:00 PM
Cincinnati Tom Petty Tickets
Southern Accents - A Tom Petty Tribute at Mercury Ballroom on 06-22
/ Louisville
Jun 22 // 9:00 PM
Louisville Tom Petty Tickets
Free Fallin - Tom Petty Tribute at Turning Stone Resort Casino on 06-29
/ Verona
Jun 29 // 8:00 PM
Verona Tom Petty Tickets
The Petty Breakers - A Tribute To Tom Petty at The Cave on 07-05
/ Big Bear Lake
Jul 05 // 7:30 PM
Big Bear Lake Tom Petty Tickets
Classic Albums Live: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at The Freeman Stage on 07-06
/ Selbyville
Jul 06 // 7:00 PM
Selbyville Tom Petty Tickets
The Insiders (Tribute to Tom Petty) at Beachland Tavern on 08-29
/ Cleveland
Aug 29 // 8:30 PM
Cleveland Tom Petty Tickets
Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty Tribute at Downtown Harrisburg Gman on 09-20
/ Harrisburg
Sep 20 // 7:00 PM
Harrisburg Tom Petty Tickets
Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty Tribute at Daryl's House on 01-02-2020
/ Pawling
Jan 02 // 8:00 PM
Pawling Tom Petty Tickets
Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty Tribute at Daryl's House on 01-03-2020
/ Pawling
Jan 03 // 8:00 PM
Pawling Tom Petty Tickets
Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty Tribute at Daryl's House on 01-04-2020
/ Pawling
Jan 04 // 8:00 PM
Pawling Tom Petty Tickets
Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty Tribute at Daryl's House on 01-05-2020
/ Pawling
Jan 05 // 7:00 PM
Pawling Tom Petty Tickets

Although the actual dates of the performances are still a ways away, you can already get tickets to many of the shows. It should be obvious that the earlier you get in on these ticket sales the better your see will be in the lower price you are going to pay. As the dates draw nearer fans get more desperate and they are willing to pay more money for the same seat that they could of got for a cheaper price if they would have just purchased earlier. Don’t be one of those people that make sure that you get your seats before the crowds get to ravenous.

In all of the previous Tom Petty concerts they have always brought opening acts with them. For the first time in their concert history is just going to be just the band playing two complete sets with a break in between the sets. This is actually a great change in our opinion because nobody goes to see these famous acts to watch a bunch of unknown bands waste their time. They want to see the main act, and the main act alone. So kudos to petty for making a bold move and giving the fans just what they want with no extra filler.

petty is also going to be doing thier best to make life difficult for scalpers and hopefully even completely stop them from getting their hands on any tickets. That way only the real fans will be able to purchase tickets, and they won’t be subjected to skyhigh prices to be able to attend the concert. This goes for both the normal tickets when anyone can buy them as well as the presale tickets. Members of the band have said that in this day and age it seems that increasing any quality is the new normal and they are going to be doing their best to make things as fair as possible for their true fans. They are tired of seeing people take advantage of the system and this time around the ticket prices will be fair and those that truly want to attend the show are the only ones who will be getting their hands on the seats.

One way that they are making sure that only the true fans are able to get the premium seats is that they are increasing the amount of tickets that are going to go to the fan club members. That way when the hard-core fans purchase their seats during the presale they won’t be beat out by scalpers and other people simply looking to turn a quick buck off of the Tom Petty tour 2019. petty and the team have designed a brand-new system that will completely eliminate scalpers from the equation during the presale and they won’t even be able to buy tickets at all. If it is found that a scalper is trying to take advantage of the system they won’t be allowed even a single ticket.

If it is found out that a scalper made any purchases every single one of those tickets will be canceled. So that means it’s quite dangerous buying a scalpers ticket. Thankfully you won’t find any of those on our site, these are all official tickets straight from the main act so you can purchase tickets from us with the assurance that no nefarious methods were used for obtaining the seats.


Tom Petty Discography

The lyrics on Tom Petty albums have been described as exciting and exuberant with themes touching on confusion and tension. Tom Petty fans can purchase full album digital downloads or cd's via this website by clicking on the album titles below.

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Gone Gator/MCA
You're Gonna Get It!
Gone Gator/MCA
Damn the Torpedoes
Hard Promises
Long After Dark
Southern Accents
Pack Up the Plantation: Live!
Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)
MCA / Universal Special Products
Full Moon Fever
Into the Great Wide Open
Gone Gator / MCA
Warner Bros.
Songs and Music from "She's the One"
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
The Last DJ
Warner Bros.
Highway Companion
American Recordings
Reprise / Warner Bros.
Hypnotic Eye
Reprise / Warner Bros.